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Build your army of Snowmen, and blow your opponents out of the park!


Snow Mercy

Is a competitive 3rd Person Shooter/Strategy Party game (Or as we lake to call it, a "ParTS"), where you play as one of a team of snowmen brought to life with the magic of winter. Prove to all snowman-kind that your team's hat is, in fact, the BEST, in the traditional way: with escalating snowball warfare.

3rd Person Shooter/Strategy Party Game

Blending the fast-paced action of a Shooter, with the resource management and squad-based strategy of an RTS, Snow Mercy is fresh new entry into the party game genre that challenges the notion that approachable shooters can't have depth.

Collect the resources that spawn throughout the level, and use them deploy an army of AI-driven snowmen who can then be used to collect resources for you, or attack your targets, but don't forget to leave your base defended as once it falls, it's all over for you and your army!


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